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Thailand: A Pakistani Christian woman dies in detention center


Pakistani Christians

A Pakistani Christian woman seeking asylum in Thailand expires in the detention center owing to pathetic conditions in the detention center.

According to details, 30-year old, Pakistani Christian woman Samina, who had fled persecution in Pakistan and reached Thailand in pursuit of asylum passes away while in detention. Samina was arrested by the Thai authorities on December 20th during a recent crackdown against foreigners who had overstayed their visas. Samina already had some health serious health issues and remonstrated that she was on treatment. She even showed the Thai authorities medical certificates and revealed her medical history, yet, the authorities did not pay a heed. As a result of negligence she died while in detention.

Samina had medical complications earlier in March, 2015 as she lost her baby who was stillborn at 6 months. Since then she had been frequently, suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension accompanied by kidney complications.

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Recent years have witnessed a large influx of Pakistani Christians in Thailand, who are desperately seeking asylum after fleeing from persecution in Pakistan. These dejected asylum seekers face ignorance from UNHCR as they have to wait for years to get a hearing date for their appeal cases, while they are also deprived of facilities due to them as asylum seekers.

Thailand has thus far not signed the international Refugee Protocols which most of the countries of the world have already signed. Because of the fact, that Thailand is not a signatory country of the international refugee protocols, it considers asylum seekers as illegally immigrants.

Samina’s condition deteriorated to great extent after about ten days in the detention center, compelling the jail authorities to take her to a local hospital; however, it was too late by then. Samina expired in the hospital on December 31. Moreover, the Thai authorities are reluctant to let her family see Samina’s dead body.