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Thailand: Another Pakistani Christian asylum seeker in critical condition


Pakistani Christian asylum seekers

Another Pakistani Christian seeking asylum in Thailand is critically ill, and is at risk.

According to details, another Pakistani Christian namely Riaz Masih is in critical condition and is beg hospitalized. Riaz had been detained in the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Bangkok and has been moved to hospital.

It has been learnt that the poor conditions in detention centre are a major cause in frequent illnesses of the detainees. Details show that the detainees are not provided with proper food and so the Pakistanis face great trouble as Thai food is utterly different from the Pakistani cuisine. The detainees are provided cold water with segments of cucumber; which is called the “cucumber soup” by the locals.

Previously, this has been reported that there is not enough space in the detention centres and the detainees do not get space to lie down as there is a capacity of about 100 detainees in each cell but the Thai authorities have detained about 150 detainees in each cell. Moreover, the detention cells also lack facilities as tables, chairs or even beds which may provide some comfort to the detainees. These conditions are causing more and more detainees to fall sick and adding to the plight that they do not get proper medical attention or facilities from the UNHCR.

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Recently, two other Pakistani Christian detainees had died in Thai detention centers as they had been critically ill and were not provided proper medical treatment. Saniana Faisal and Pervaiz Ghouri Masih passed away due to negligence of the authorities.

The international community is urged to look into the plight of the persecuted Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand. Additionally, this matter has also been raised in Pakistan’s National Assembly by MNA Asiya Nasir, who said that the government should take action against the injustice towards the Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Thailand.

“I can’t leave my people to suffer and die like this since no support is coming from UNHCR. I raised this issue as I was receiving so many messages from people to take up this issue,” she said.