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Thailand bombings upshot: Pakistani Christian asylum seekers see mass deportations in the cards


The recent terror strikes in Thailand have raised a wave of panic among the Pakistani Christians seeking asylum, as they anticipate a massive crackdown against the foreign national which will end up in substantial deportations including majority of asylum seekers.

Pakistani Christians in Thailand

Thailand is reeling after a wave of bombings in last few days-leaving at least four dead while dozens injured. Police suspects a man involved in the bombings and his arrest warrants have also been issued, however, his whereabouts are still unknown. Following the horrifying series of blasts, Pakistani Christian refugees who are eyeing an asylum in Thailand are anticipating a fresh wave of clampdown on the illegal immigrants specially Pakistani Christians who make up a considerable population in the country.

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While remaking about the harrowing situation, a Pakistani young girl living as a refugee in Thailand said that she is likely to appear for a refugee determination interview in two months’ time. She urged the Western countries to take apt action regarding the dilemma of the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers, which is in otherwise brewing into a humanitarian crisis. In case these Christians are deported to their homeland, they are surely going to face hell-like life.

“Please recognize our plight, we have held pariah status in our homeland for our faith and now suffer because in Thailand we look like extremists,” she stated. “None of our situation is our fault yet our lives have been shattered and our hopes dashed time after time. I ask people in the west to speak to their politicians and call for a sanctuary for Christians.”