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Thailand: Condition of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers is much worse than expected


Pakistani Christians in Thailand

Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand, deprived of proper meals in the detention centres.

In keeping with details, a team of International Christian Voice, visits Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand. The ICV teams met with the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok, and discussed their issues.

The International Christian voice team included, Peter Bhatti, Tanveer Joseph, Sara Joseph, Nitasha Bhatti and Melissa Augusto. During a seven days visit, which started on October 25 till November 3, 2015, the teams heard the problems of the marginalized Pakistani Christians.

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The underlying purpose of this visit was to analyze the ground realities of the situation of the Pakistani Christians who are seeking asylum in Thailand. The ICV, visited Pakistani Christian families from home to home, along with several discussion meetings with the affectees. The team says, the situation is much more critical than it was expected.

On October 26, the International Christian Voice team met with a refugee lawyer who works in an asylum access centre. The ICV team discussed with him, the issues of the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in detail. They talked about possible ways in which Pakistani Christians may be able to win asylum. At the same time, the team asked for suggestions for ways in which the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers could be aided.

Followed by this discussion meeting, the ICV team went to the houses of Pakistani Christians asylum seekers in Bangkok. During this time, they met with several Pakistani Christians families.

The following day, the International Christian Voice met with the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers who have been confined in the immigration detention center (IDC). Every member of the team was allowed to meet one detainee at a time. The team had brought food packages for the detainees. The Pakistani Christians detained complained about insufficient food. They said they are given, nothing to eat or drink except boiled rice along with cucumber water. They said that food is their immediate need.