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Thailand Immigration officials are Savage for Refugees and Asylum Seekers


Thailand’s Immigration Detention centers mistreat their refugees. The hazards for detainees dwelling inside Thailand’s’ IDCs are concerned with physical violence, malnutrition and overpopulation.

Thailand Immigration officials are Savage for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

According to a media report, a young Pakistani Christian flees for religious persecution; describes the hardships he faced inside Bangkok’s Suan Phlu Immigration Detention centers. There were about 250 refugees who were locked up like animals in one cell. They were not given water .They went there to seek justice and protection for the sin they never committed. They slept in shifts as there was not enough space to lie down and sleep.

Thailand’s IDCs are breeding grounds for physical and mental illness. Studies shows that detaining teenagers and children, cause long lasting effects on their mental health. Evidences show correlations between anxiety, depression, and self- harm after experiencing time in detention centers, especially in children.

A sixteen years old Rohingya girl named Zainab Bibi was compelled to live in inhumane conditions. She ended up in Sadao IDC after she was trafficked from Burma in 2014. Her desperate escape from persecution made Thai authorities to detain her to IDC’s. She did not know when she will be set free. The only thing she knew was the inside of that derelict place which is known as IDC. Over the last three years, she was not given proper medical care and basic hygiene needs. She had been waiting for indefinite change. Eventually, the change came when Zainab Bibi died due to internal bleeding in her brain in one of Thailand’s notorious Immigration Detention centers.

UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and other NGOs are concerned with Thai authorities’ boldness in arresting children. A series of raids caused to arrest many children over the past three weeks in Bankok, the capital city of Thailand.

Human Rights and Amnesty International claim the distant conditions of Thai IDCs that they violate international law. James Gomez, Regional Director of Amnesty International’s Southeast Asia & Pacific Regional Office said, “We are deeply concerned by the Thai government’s choice, on a number of occasions, to send refugees and other foreigners back to countries where they are vulnerable to torture, persecution, and other human rights violations,”