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Thailand: Inhuman brutality claimed life a 53-year-old Pakistani Christian


Thailand detention centers

53-year-old Pervaiz Ghauri Masih is second of the two unfortunate Pakistani Christians who had lost their lives to the pitiless asylum granting system in Thailand.

News is that another Pakistani Christian Pervaiz Ghauri Masih who lost his life in an immigration detention center (IDC) due to the lack of food and intense cold along with pathetic conditions in the dingy and unhygienically overcrowded detention cells which are known to be notoriously brutal.

Details reveal that Pervaiz Ghouri Masih who had reached Thailand and was seeking asylum on the grounds of religious persecution was hooked by the Thai authorities on September 10, 2015 from his home. It has been learnt that Pervaiz was suffering from a tumor along with a chronic heart condition.

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Owing to the serious illnesses, Pervaiz could not survive in the dismal conditions he had to face in the detention center in Thailand. Details are that Pervaiz had to spend his days and nights in a pathetically overcrowded detention cell where at least 150 detainees although the there is capacity of only 100 people. Moreover, the feeble man had to sleep on the floor as there are no beds in the detention cell.

Despite his evidently observable poor health and deteriorating illnesses, he was given cold water along with few segments of cucumber which the jailer describes as “cucumber soup.”

Moreover, the detention cells also lack facilities as tables, chairs or even beds which may provide some comfort to the detainees. Pervaiz had to find whatever little space amidst 150 fellow detainees in the cell. In these pathetic conditions, Pervaiz spent last days of his life.