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Thailand: More than 3,000 Pakistani Christians are left stranded as UN ignores their plight


Pakistani Christians

Thousands of Pakistani Christians are facing awful conditions after being put behind the bars by the Thai authorities.

According to details, Pakistani Christians who are seeking asylum in Thailand are in an urgent need of food, shelter and medical treatment as reported by Godfrey Yogarajah- Executive Director of the World Evangelical Alliance’s Religious Liberty Commission.

Godfrey Yogarajah while talking with media said that the stranded Pakistani Christians who had fled persecution in their homeland have fallen in deep trouble as the Thai authorities have hooked them and the UN is continuously over looking their plight.

He said that approximately more than 3,000 Pakistani Christian refugees are marooned in Thailand while waiting for the United Nations to facilitate them, while hundreds of them including children, have been hooked by the Thai police and have been detained in appalling conditions.

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“Children are taken away and detained separately away from their parents even very young kids. Children are defined as under 15 by them. Right now 134 people are at the IDC and 35 in the central jail. There are right now around 8 children too detained.

Conditions are very bad at both the IDC and the jail. Food is two bowls of soup rice a day. Water is bad. No toiletries. Those over 15 are not counted in this as they are considered adults by the authorities,” Yogarajah said.

Godfrey Yogarajah further explained that majority of the Pakistani Christian refugees had been in Thailand for three to four years and since their arrival have been waiting for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees to issue a date of hearing their cases. Since then, no substantial progress has been made regarding their cases.

“Many of them who over stay their visas are arrested and detained even though they may have the UNHCR document. In March this year there were raids all over and a heavy crackdown by the Police. Some are kept in the central jail, and if the fine is paid, then they are sent to the immigration detention centre,” Yogarajah said.