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Thailand: Ostrich strategies of UNHCR leave another Pakistani Christian at death’ door


Another Pakistani Christian anticipating asylum in Thailand, is rendered knocking at death’ door, thanks to negligence of UN and cold-heartedness of the Thai authorities. Pakistani Christians who get hooked by the Thai Immigration authorities have had to face pathetically callous treatment in the Immigration Detention Centers in Bangkok.

Pakistani Christian detained in Thailand

Naushad Young, a 52-year-old, Pakistani Christian is on the verge of death owing to nippily deteriorating health while still in detention. Naushad fled from Pakistan in 2013 along with his family, and filed for asylum shortly after his arrival in the Thai Kingdom. Since, UN did not treat his asylum application in a prescribed manner. Consequently, in 2015, Naushad and his 22-year-old son were booked by the Thai authorities.

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Later on, the Thai authorities released Naushad but kept his son in detention. About two and a half months ago, Naushad was seized again by the Thai authorities when he went to see his son in the detention center. His bail was annulled by the Thai authorities, and was made to linger along in the IDC, in Bangkok. Naushad who had a history of heart disease, when subjected to harsh living conditions in the IDC, his health began flagging till current life-threatening situation.

Although, Naushad is in a critical condition since last one month or so, he is denied hospitalization. His life is at serious risk if proper medical treatment is administered to him. His son, who is also detained informed the family that his enfeebled father had not eaten anything since last 3 to 4 days. Realizing the gravity of the matter, Naushad’ family is begging the Thai authorities to immediately shift him to hospital.

Christian advocacy groups British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) and Responsible for Equality And Liberty (REAL) were informed about Naushad’ deteriorating health by the Pakistani Christian refugee community in Thailand. In order to highlight his case, BPCA launched an online petition urging medical treatment for Naushad, so that his life could be saved. BPCA urges public to sign the petition which will be presented to the UNHCR.