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Thailand: Pakistani Christian asylum seekers hold prayer vigils outside German and French Embassies


Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok held prayer vigils outside French and German embassies in Thailand. The prayer vigils were held in solidarity with the victims of recent terror attacks in Germany and France. On August 2, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, Wilson Chowdhry and Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand observed prayer vigils, which were attended Pak-Christians from across Thailand. They assembled outside both embassies to conduct prayer service and reflection.

Pakistani Christians hold prayer vigils for terror attacks

One of the attendees was George Naz, a Pakistani Christian asylum seeker who fled Pakistan in the wake of persecution. He has been in Thailand two and a half years and is still awaiting his initial interview in order to get a ‘Refugee Determination Status’ (RSD) with the UNHCR.

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“We cannot stay silent we must speak out against these atrocities. When we choose to ignore the plight of others we are only serving to embolden extremists and in the long term we all will suffer,” he said.

He also offered prayers for unity among humanity and that extremism is curbed. He called for efforts ensuring peace in afflicted areas. During the prayer vigil Thai police officers arrived and investigated into the assemblage of such large numbers.

The police investigated, while BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry explained the cause of the assemblage. Thai police was informed about the cause of the prayer vigils, while Pakistani asylum seekers remained apprehensive regarding arrests by the Thai police.