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Thailand: UN exhibiting a biased attitude towards the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers


Pakistani Christians

Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand are facing a biased attitude from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)

According to details, a Pakistani Christian Bishop Dr. F.S. Bhatti recently paid a visit to Thailand, in order to investigate the underlying causes of the plight of the Pakistani Christians who are seeking asylum in Thailand.

An abridged version of the report compiled by Bishop Dr. F.S. Bhatti is as below:

“It is very sad and heart breaking to hear about beloved Pakistani brothers and sisters in Christ in the Thailand who are suffering so much with uncertainty of protection, food, and shelter for faithful life.

I personally have seen the live of Asylum seekers below human’ standard during my two month tour for them voluntarily; they are stateless and have no citizenship anywhere; they had left their country Pakistan because of their faith in Christ.

Nobody leaves his country without reason. They left Pakistan for getting Asylum in other countries through UNHCR (mediator) but now they had been caught in that country (Thailand). Thailand is not supporting and accepting UNHCR Letter for Asylum Seekers.

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I want to define meaning of Asylum Seeker, “someone who leaves their own country, often for political reasons or because of war, and who travels to another country hoping that the government will protect them and allow them to live there.

Asylum is for everyone’ legal right as human who does not feel protected and safety anywhere in the world. It can be religious, politic and social. As it had been happened in the History of all biggest religion, they ran away place to place for a Shelter, people had to leave their home places.

It is bad luck of Pakistani Christians that the UNHCR’s staff is not responsible, dutiful and loyal with their duties for human being. UN staff of Thailand must be dismissed because they are not doing their duties as representative of International organization that works for human rights.

I am a living witness as “Bishop of Pakistan” of Episcopal Church Mission Pakistan. I have witness written email to UN Staff that I wrote email to UN office of Bangkok so many time, but they did not respond me positively, they had been asking questions in their emails, what I wanted to ask? If they did respond me, they told me that there is no officer “Commissioner” in an office of Bangkok, I asked when he will come back; they did not reply my email. I had been waiting for their call and email whole months. Then my visa had been expired, and then I had to move from Thailand.

It is crystal clear that shows UN had been involved to persecute Pakistani Christian being silent audience (watcher); they don’t want to solve problems of Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers.

If UN has no alliance with Thailand, then why they kept their office in Thailand where they are giving letter of Asylum to Asylum seekers, another brutal action of UNHCR with Asylum seekers, they give Asylum seekers appointment for interviews to make them refugee after 3, 4 or 5 years.

It is not only trap but also punishment for Asylum seekers where they can’t do job in Thailand for their survival. Even they did not give them residence and food. They had been left Asylum seekers helpless in Thailand where they don’t know language of Thailand; even most of Thai citizen cannot speak English

It is also crystal clear that Thailand Government is not cooperating with International Organization UN. Every week, 20 – 200 Pakistani Asylum seekers are being arrested by immigration police of Thailand; because Thai Government did not accept UN Letter which is issued by UNO for Asylum seekers to send them to other countries.