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The Apostasy: “Come Dance With The Devil,” A Satanic Statue Unveiled


satanic statue errected in detroit

DETROIT: A Satanic statue unveiled, whose invitation reads: “Come dance with the Devil and experience history in the making.”

The unveiling of this satanic statue was attended by some 100 people in Detroit, USA. A New York-based Satanic Temple organised this unveiling on July 25th in Detroit, Michigan. The group advertised the event as “a night of chaos, noise, and debauchery.” The group may make efforts to erect it to a Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas.

This event was strongly opposed by a group a group of pastors, as a result of which, the Satanic Temple moved the event to a secret venue in Detroit, and moreover they ticketed attendance in order to keep the opponents away. The attendees of this event wore black or donned devil’s horns, which were moved to another location in order to elude opponents as to the event’s location.

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As reported by Christian News Network, a group of pastors united against the event, and contacted the owner of the original event venue, Bert’s Warehouse. The pastors urged the owner Bert Dearing to cancel the satanic statue’s unveiling. To which, Bert gave the Satanic Temple their money back.As result of opposition from the oastors, the satanic temple group kept the event venue in secret.

However, some of the pastors were able to locate the venue and protested against the unveiling event. What is more upsetting that the attendees shouted “Hail Satan” as two shirtless men pulled off the cloth that covered the satanic statue and then embraced and kissed each other in front of the statue.This satanic statue depicted Baphomet which is a goat goat-headed idol.

While the unveiling was going on the inside, a group of 50 people stood outside of the original venue, Bert’s Warehouse, praying against Satanism in Detroit. “Satan has no place in this city, or any other city,” James Bluford prayed.

“We’re fighting for the soul of America. We’re fighting for the soul of the City of Detroit. The last thing we should do in Detroit is have a welcome party for the Devil,” David Bullock, pastor of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church said.