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The Band Angelz – Sprouting Young Talent

The Band Angelz
The Band Angelz

The Band Angelz is Pop band which consists of three musicians. The lead male vocalist Sharoon Rom comes from Doctorwala- a village in Punjab Pakistan. The female lead vocalist is Punnika from Nagpur, India. The Band Angelz was formed in 2007-08 with the launch of their first song “Aankhon Key Jharonkay,” composed by lead vocalist Sharoon Rom. In the meantime Sharoon began to search for more musicians who could join The Band Angelz. In 2012, Punnika joined the band as a female lead vocalist. Later, Rizwan Angelz joined The Band Angelz as a lead guitarist and Sharoon Rom launched his debut solo single “Yasu payda hua” which was written by Sovaizia Rahib and composed by Sharoon Rom. This song was released on December 20th 2012 and its official video was produced by “Isaac TV” Pakistan. Sharoon’s next song titled “Nijat” was released on December 11th 2013. The Band Angelz is currently working on song which will be released next year.

Sharoon Rom- Lead vocalist of The Band Angelz
Sharoon Rom- Lead vocalist of The Band Angelz

Sharoon Rom, the lead vocalist of the band talked with CIP here is what he had to say:

Life has been very challenging for me, since my childhood. Being a Christian in Pakistan, demands a lot of courage to step forward and compete with others especially when you are a nobody. I come from a middle class Christian family in Doctorwala which is an underdeveloped village in district Vehari, in Punjab province of Pakistan. Currently, I am studying in the final year of BS Software Engineering in Lahore.

Sharoon’s inspirations and passions in life:

I had been very passionate and stimulated for music since my childhood. While my study in Lassalle Boarding School, students were not allowed possess a mobile phone, or mp3 player. My love for music pushed me to break that rule, and I used to have a Walkman secretly. I was caught with Walkman twice and I was fined. Even though, that didn’t stop me from doing so. One more thing I want to share that, I didn’t use to have enough money to buy a guitar to fulfill my passion for music. I used to save money by walking to my tuition center instead of going by bus, to buy my first guitar.Well in 2012 December me with my Band members(Punnika and Rizwan) released our Debut “Yasu Payda Hua” and with in one day after its released got so many likes our band page as well many indo paki musicians ( Aakash Sam, Hallelujah the band, Mithoon Sharma, Anirudh Bhola,Hymnal the band Javed noor) #thankusir Appreciated our work its official video was produced by Isaac Tv it . Next song was “Nijat” and yes it was something more than Last got Positive reviews from top musicians both songs are composed by me and written by sovaizia, and currently we (Angelz) are working on “Wo Raat” and Cricket Worldcup song..Me and Punnika in our Band as a Lead vocalists and Rizwan is Lead guitarist.

After Jesus, I have a long list of inspiring personalities like Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin, Mithon Sharma, Pritam Chakarbarty, and bands like Hallelujah, Tenth Avenue North, Starfield.

As a Gospel singer and worshipper Sharoon’s aims are:

Christian songs have a deep impact in my spiritual life. Especially, whenever I lose hope due the problem of life, these songs have always given me a satisfaction about my life. Aim of my life as a gospel singer is to serve my Christian community in Pakistan. I want to empower my Christian youth through my songs, by creating the awareness of the importance of study.

Sharoon’s message to Christians in Pakistan:

In future, if Jesus will give me the opportunity and resources to fulfill my dreams. Firstly, I would try my level best to improve the condition of Christians in Pakistan, education is my main priority. The message I want to convey for Christian youth in Pakistan is that, put your best efforts in acquiring good quality education. Do what are you best at, but never leave your education behind. Always use your potential to do a constructive thing instead of time killing.