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The Bible Museum Shares the History of The Most Burned Book


We believe that it’s time that the bestselling book of all time, the most banned book of all time, the most debated book of all time, the most burned book of all time, will have a prominent space within the global museum system and it happens to be in Washington D.C, said Summers.

The Bible Museum Shares the History of The Most Burned Book

On Friday the Museum of the Bible is opened for the common people and it has used high level technology to bring to life the world’s most influential book. The Museum of the Bible opened last week and along with it, its co-founders Steve and Jackie Green have released a new book. “As a believer and reading the Bible, we’re redirected in our lives to do things we don’t really plan to do, so we feel like it can be dangerous and it can be difficult,” Jackie said.

Inside the building, visitors will see forty foot piece of glass engraved with Psalm 19. On both sides of the entrance to the building, there are forty foot gates which make big impression on the visitors. Each door weighs 2.5 tons, they are bronze cast, it’s the first edition of the Gutenberg Bible of the Book of Genesis,” says Cary Summers, president of the new museum. Many of the featured artifacts in the museum come from the Jackie Greens’ own personal collection.

Visitors are handed a tablet that allow them to customize their visit with the length of their tour, area of interest and level of knowledge about the Bible from a child’s comprehension to that of an archaeologist.

“So if you’re standing in front of a case it will tell you 33 seconds and when you exceed the 33 seconds, you can stay there if you want, but if you don’t continue moving you’re not going to be able to complete the tour in your two hours,” says Summers. You can plan several trips because checking out all the sights and sounds inside the four hundred thirty thousand square foot building would take many days.

“The idea that we’re only presenting one perspective would be a misunderstanding because we have brought in scholars from all different faith walks and our effort is not to go down a particular faith tradition. It’s simply about the book. I say set your faith at the door. It’s not about espousing our faith. It’s simply about educating people about this book” said Steve

Jackie says that they trust in God that He is with them in undertaking, guiding and directing their steps.

“We have the confidence that if we are true to pointing people to this book, true to the facts, that God will show up and He will impact people’s lives,” said Steve.