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The Christianity Quiz – Astounding Results

Mr. R. Bard White, founder of Changing the Face of Christianity

Changing The Face Of Christianity- a Texas based Christian organization, conducted an online quiz, the results of which made astounding revelations.

The appraisal indicated that 1 in 4 Christians are “Not Very Christians”, in their lifestyles.

The Christianity quiz, was designed by Changing the Face of Christianity; a non-profit organization, Inc. The quiz was a combination of ten multiple-choice questions. These questions were so designed, as to evaluate how an anonymous participant lives his Christian faith.

Mr. R. Brad White, founder of Changing the Face of Christianity, said, that he was not stunned by the results.

We’ve run this study for close to two years now and we’ve checked in on the results several times. This latest update is our first cumulative look at the 22 months of data,” said White.

The statistics under analysis were from January 2011 to October 2012; a total of 8,475 responses. The breakdown of the facts exposed 24.8 percent of the participants as “Worldly Christians”, still another 3.6 percent fell in an unruly category of “Far from Christ”. Nonetheless, a cumulative figure of 24.8 percent of the participators, were identified as “Spiritually Mature Christians.
By Madeeha Shakeel