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The Death of Reason: Is There A Good Enough Reason To Massacre


Terror attacks, massacres, and many other forms of killing a norm in Pakistan. It has become so common place that one need to think of reason that why a particular person belonging to a particular caste or religious sect should not have been killed.

Whenever an attack takes place in Pakistan, the debate of how that person or group of people had contributed to the country starts. The question that arises here is not of how they helped us? How much charity they did? How did they give back to the nation? The question is why them?

Was Pakistan created by the efforts of Muhammad Ali Jinnah for this reason? Sympathy, empathy, nationalistic values, and value of human life are the need of the hour. Minorities in Pakistan are not given the status of an equal citizen.

Minorities are constantly under fire in Pakistan. One Massacre after another has been seen through out our history. Whenever lives are lost the question that comes to mind is why was this done? Can you ask someone why they went to church? Why did they go to school? Why were people using the community bus service?

The reasons are then found in our own subconscious mind. Deaths have become so normal that it no longer matters to us why was someone killed. It is like and everyday part of life.

So many times, we have failed, so many times there has been a death of reasons. Humanity in Pakistan is slowly but surely eroding. Every life is precious; one can never have a reason to massacre.