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The Devastating Hurricane Harvey


CIP: Request for Prayers and Support for Houston and Southeastern Texas in the wake of The Devastating Hurricane Harvey and Massive Flooding.
According to the sources more than 10,000 people displaced, lives of millions of people threatened in Southeastern Texas. It is much worse than we thought, please pray and help.

The Devastating Hurricane Harvey

Houston, Texas is US’s fourth largest city and one of the largest cities as well as ports in the world, home to the NASA’s Johnson Space Center and world’s largest medical district (the Texas Medical Center), not to forget the largest network of freeways and bridges, very few people are aware that it is also a safe haven for a large community of immigrants from all over the world – in short, it is one of the most thriving, friendliest and diversified cosmopolitan cities on the planet. This is the city where I studied and later on worked and participated in a number of academic, research and social activities, most particularly in the relief work of the hurricanes Rita and Katrina and Pakistan/Kashmir Earthquake.

In spite of that 43.62% of the people in Houston, Texas are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 15.12% are Catholic; 1.04% are LDS; 4.97% are another Christian faith; 0.13% in Houston, Texas are Jewish; 1.82% are an eastern faith; 3.28% affilitates with Islam.

CIP request your prayers that may all humans and living creatures be safe there, may the city return to its normal life soon and the displaced people and animals return to their homes and the life could begin like before.
May God help and bless Houston and all the people and living creatures there and in the rest of the affected Gulf of Mexico (Amen).