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The First Bandial Bible Ready To Be Relased


There are about 11,200 Bandial people in Senegal. Religion is split into thirds. “A third call themselves Muslims, another third call themselves Catholics, and another third would say frankly, they are animists, which means the traditional religion.”

Fourteen years ago in Senegal, Africa, a Bible translation project was started for the Bandial people group. Now, after much hard work, it’s coming to a satisfying close. The project was financially supported by Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

“There was a choice of about fourteen languages. And, quite soon it became clear by several criteria: we visited some projects and interviewed people about the attitude. It became clear that Bandial would be the project.

Like many African languages, Bandial was only available in oral form. There was nothing written about the language. Wycliffe missionaries started the long translation process by analyzing and language learning.

From there, it took a lot of time to learn and sort out the language and grammar. “The Bible translation actually started in 2004, and finished in 2014.

The launch of the New Testament is being marked with a celebration thrown by Wycliffe on May 16. “We pray that people are touched by God’s Word themselves and they see the contradictions with their syncretistic lifestyle,” Wycliffe Missionaries.