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The Inside Story Into A Christian Man Slaughtered In Public Over Blasphemy Accusations (Boota Masih)


KARACHI: Son of a Christian man butchered over blasphemy allegations discloses the inside story.

Turmoil in Liaqatabad street after the slaugter of a Christian man over Blasphemy accusations
Turmoil in Liaqatabad street after the slaugter of a Christian man over Blasphemy accusations

Shouting that he was killing “an infidel who blasphemed against Prophet,” slit a Christian’s throat as police and others looked on, according to Boota Masih’s son.


George Masih son of Boota Masih told an international news agency that,”My father, 58-year-old Boota Masih, worked as a gold scavenger in Karachi’s Liaquatabad Gold Market for 30 years, and that the Muslim who killed him also gathered gold dust from jewellers’ rugs or work carpets at the market.”


“Police informed my family that a Muslim, later identified as Muhammad Asif, had killed Boota Masih by slitting his throat with a dagger and then stabbing him multiple times,” he recalled.


“We were told that Asif kept shouting that my father was an infidel and had spoken derogatory words against Islam’s Prophet as he mercilessly stabbed him. A large number of people, including four policemen and private security guards of the market, witnessed the entire scene, but no one tried to stop the killer, who walked away waving the dagger in his hand, “said George Masih.


On the other hand a police spokesman said, “There were four policemen stationed at the market but they were not present at the scene of the murder.”

George Masih said,” The family had registered case No. 226/13 with the Liaquatabad Police Station, but that police were making little effort to arrest the murderer.”


George added, “We asked everyone in the market if my father had said or done anything to deserve such a brutal death, but not one person complained against him. They all said that he was a humble man and had never committed blasphemy as alleged by the killer. But if my father was innocent, why did the people just stand there and watch him being killed in this manner?”


When police came to the murder scene, no one came forward to record a statement. Even if my father had said something to offend the killer, is this how he should have been punished?” he said.


“The entire market testifies to his humility, but not one of them has come on the record to bear witness to the crime,” George complains.


“After my father’s killing in the presence of so many people, it is quite clear that any Muslim can get away with murder just by claiming that they had killed a blasphemer,” he said.


The General Secretary of Liaqatabad Jewellers Association Muhammad Faraz doubts that Boota Masih was probable killed out of jealousy. “I was not present at the crime scene, but all of us are sure that Boota Masih was not a blasphemer. Asif was jealous of  Boota Masih because most jewellers only allowed the Christian to scavenge gold particles from their shops. He was a humble man and liked by everyone, which probably provoked Asif to kill him. We condemn the killing of an innocent man in the name of our Holy Prophet,” Faraz said.


Sub-Inspector Hamid Ali Gondal the investigating officer revealed that thus far investigations expose Asif to have fabricated false accusations of blasphemy accusation against the Christian as a ploy to kill him.


However Sub-Inspector Hamid Ali Gondal states, “Asif is absconding since the murder – we have made several raids and also taken some of his relatives into custody to pressure him into surrendering.Only when we arrest Asif will the real reason behind Boota Masih’s murder be revealed.”


“Only when they arrest Asif will we come to know why he killed my father,” George Masih goes on about. “My younger brother and I have stopped going to work, fearing someone will kill us just like they killed my father,” he dreads.