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The Lahore Missions Church Office Burnt To Ashes


LAHORE: The Lahore Missions Church office disbelievingly torched allegedly by a militant group.


Debris of the burnt office
Debris of the burnt office


As CIP has learnt that the Lahore Mission’s Office was set on fire on 1st of July, 2013 completely annihilating costly equipment along with other office accessories. The reason of this arson remains unknown yet it is believed to be executed by a militant group.


The  local Pastor; his identity has been withheld for the sake of his security puts this incident in words as:



“A very sad event took place yesterday when I heard horrible news on my cell phone while I was on my missions’ trip to District Sheikhpura at Narang Mandi, 85 kilometer away from my home that Lahore Missions office is on fire. We just finished our first meeting at Narang Mandi FGA Colony and were on the way to second place nearby. It was shocking and I took a U turn and drove back to Lahore immediately. I kept in touch with people fighting with fire including neighbours and relatives around.



God saved the lives of my remaining family at home, my wife and three kids including my mother and father. Electronic equipment of millions rupees worth including server computers, Audio/Video editing equipment, HD video Cameras, Studio Mics, Two television sets, Video Projector, TV channel computer setup, Air-conditions, Sound system, studio lighting system, electronic key boards, printers, scanners, building furniture, laptop etc of worth around 7 to 8 millions rupees burnt to ashes. Reason of fire could not found yet.




Christian religious and political leadership expressed their grief and lament on this happening demanding government to inquire the incident to find out the facts. If it was a cruel act of some of extremists groups because burnt office was a centre of Christian theology and a place to spread the Christianity and was working for spiritual stability of the Christians in Pakistan by free distribution of Bible based printed and audio/video material as well as working for the restoration of basic human rights in Pakistan.




To stop and cease the services for the spread of Gospel a local Pastor experienced stern threats from militants earlier many times. People came for condolence also said that Christian leadership is under threats as the above mentioned Pastor but government is totally ignorant and failed to provide them security. Please remember us Christians in Pakistan in your prayers. Little kids and family are scared badly.”




This incident is not the only one of its kind as; the city has in recent times witnessed a similar arson earlier this year at Joseph Colony, Badami Bagh area of Lahore. Burning of homes or offices of Christians has somewhat become the norm for the extremist agents; who in their ignorance of the Truth keep opposing the Gospel of Christ.



Moreover, in recent times Punjab as a whole now has a tarnished reputation of having an atmosphere of worsening religious intolerance, under these circumstances evangelizing organization need prayers and all possible assistance from National and International Christian communities to keep fulfilling the “Divine Commission of Spreading the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ to the World.”