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The Minorities’ “selected” representatives in the National Assembly


ISLAMABAD: The Christians of Sindh and KPK did not succeed in securing any place in the National Assembly of Pakistan in Elections 2013, as Hindu candidates obtain 5 seats, followed by Christians with 3 seats and Parsis with only 1 seat.

Election Commission of Pakistan ECP
Election Commission of Pakistan ECP

These candidates representing the minorities in Pakistan have manipulated by the “Selection system” which has significantly authorized Muslim political parties to allocate 10 reserved seats for minorities in the National Assembly as they like.


Whereas, 5 Hindu and 1 Parsi selected in the National Assembly come from Punjab and Sindh, whilst 2 Christians belong to Balochistan. The surprisingly dubious fact is that; Punjab the most populated province of Pakistan home to the largest number of Christian community where they rank second after Muslim majority had only 1 Christian selected for National assembly.


Dr. Darshan, Bhawan Das, Isphanyar M. Bhandara, Tariq Christopher Qaiser and Khalil George are picked from the list of nominees which was presented to the Election Commission of Pakistan by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group PML (N), the victorious party.


On the other hand, Ramesh Lal from Pakistan Peoples Party PPP, Lal Chand from Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PTI, Sanjay Perwani from Muthida Quomi Movement MQM and Aasiya Nasir from Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam JUI (F) found their way to the National Assembly of Pakistan.


The Election Commission of Pakistan ECP declared sharing of 60 reserved seats of Women and 10 reserved seats of Minorities between different Muslim parties in the Parliament and as a consequence allocated 6 seats of minorities to PML (N), 1 Seat to PPP, 1 seat to PTI, 1 Seat to MQM and 1 Seat to JUI (F).


This controversial “Selection System” under the auspices of Joint Electorate was imposed by former President General Pervez Musharraf in 2002 elections which has considerably condensed the representation of Christians in Pakistan. In the General Elections of 1970, Christians occupied 6 Seats in the National Assembly of Pakistan under the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan during the Zia ul Haq regime all the way to the Bhutto era of Pakistan Peoples Party’s rule. In 1985, General Elections, the then President General Zial-ul Haq allocated 10 reserved seats as 4 to the Christians, 4 to Hindus, 1 to Ahmadi Muslims and 1 to the Parsis, Sikh and other religious minorities.