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The Modern Day Exodus


ISLAMABAD: History witnesses increased Exodus of Christians from Pakistan than before.

Modern Exodus
Modern Exodus

It is a disturbing reality for the solidarity of Pakistan that “Christians are leaving the country.” Experts say,” There are two big reasons that force Pakistani Christians to do so. Firstly, after the incident of Joseph Colony Badami Bagh, Lahore; most of Christians are afraid and feel unsafe. The second reason is current Government (PML-N) of Pakistan.  The fact remain that 80% blasphemy cases were registered during the rule of PML-N Government. Christians in Pakistan expected more Christian-Muslim clashes and blasphemy cases in current Government.

As, it has been reported previously, that about ten to fifteen Christian families affected in the Joseph colony arson have already departed from Pakistan; now settled in Thailand and Sri Lanka. This is may be worth mentioning that total 175 families of the residents were afflicted by the torching. The remaining families are eyeing at departure from Pakistan sooner or later. At least 80% sufferers of the riot are silently struggling to flee from Pakistan. Nonetheless, this Exodus is not a trend among the victims of Joseph colony but across the country, though it may be asylum, seeking jobs or aiming for education the Exodus is on. According to an estimate, since the incident of Badami Bagh arson, the percentage of asylum seekers has markedly increased and around 1000 Christians have left Pakistan since March 2013.

Nevertheless Government of Pakistan maintains silence on this issue. Government should take immediate action to stop Christians because minorities are the asset of any country and they are the reason for international interest.


As a matter of fact, Pakistani Christians are not the only minority that are leaving Pakistan but, Pakistani Hindus, Sikhs and Ahmdis are also living amid same apprehension. A large portion of these religious minorities prefer to leave. Nonetheless, despite persecutions in the country they still favour peace and harmony in Pakistan their homeland.