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The Only Christian Cemetery In Larkana Submerges Under Drainage Water


The only graveyard of Christians in Larkana, is drenched by city’s sewerage. Each time a Christian dies in the locale, the kin have to search for a dry piece of ground for burial.


Damp ground of the cemetery

This graveyard was allotted to Christian Community in 2002; the graveyard is sited between Allahabad and Golimaar residential colonies on MoenjoDaro. A Christian social worker, Hikmat Masih bemoans, “Several graves have been damaged due to stagnant drainage water; it looks like a lake of contaminated water.” He further complained that the government is not taking preventive or restorative steps to ensure the security of the only graveyard of  Christians in the city.

 “We don’t know influential people who can resolve this issue, so we are unable to save these graves,” said Hikmat Masih. In recent times, family of  a departed Christian journalist, Gregory Jarvis, had to cover the seepage with mud before laying the corpse six feet under, he told. “It is a graveyard not a nallah, but we can’t do anything without the help of the government,” said Hikmat.

The locals began barging in the graveyard, as consequence of which a boundary wall was built and a watchman was hired. The boundary wall however, could prevent the invasion but not the seepage;as the  waste water of the nearby Katchi Abadis continues to dribble directly into the graveyard.
By Madeeha Shakeel