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The Orange Line Metro Train Project fuss: No mosque or church would be damaged says CM


No church or mosque will be damaged for the Metro Train in Lahore, clarified Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab. While defending the Orange Line Metro Train Project, CM Shahbaz Sharif said that fabricated hurdles are being tossed in order to thwart the execution of projects of public interest.

Churches' porperty expropriated by the Metro Train Project

CM Shahbaz Sharif while speaking at the Punjab Assembly on May 18, said that the Orange Line Metro Train Project is an exceptional project. While further presenting clarification about the opposition to the project, he said, that the opponents should refrain from confusing the nation.

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He was remarking about the rumors that the Shalimar Gardens, in Chauburji and other historical sites including churches will be damaged because of this project. While further presenting clarification, he went on to say that in India, temples were demolished for the Sake of the metro train project. In Malaysia, he said, places of ablution of a mosque were demolished for this purpose. “No mosque or church would be damaged for metro train in Lahore,” he explained. He added that no historical site would be demolished or damaged for the project.

In keeping with the statement by a spokesperson of Lahore Development Authority, some land of Saint Paul’s Presbyterian Church and Saint Andrew’s Church will be acquired for the Orange Line Metro Train project.

The handout which was issued on May 4, 2016 by the Directorate General Public Relations by Government of Punjab, Lahore, plainly declared “18 Marla of Church land and 18 Meters of Boundary wall of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church near Bohar Chowk will be utilized for stairways of Orange Line Train Project Station.” This land will not be restored to the church. Additionally, about 1.5 Canal of land and 60 meters of boundary wall of St. Andrew Church at Nabha Road, Lahore will also be acquired for this project.