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The Plight of Refugees in Pakistan – European Mohajir Network Appeals UNHCR


In the 29th session of UNHCR, the European Mohajir (refugee) Network organized an event on 19th June which highlighted the plight of those mohajir who had been separated between India and Pakistan in 1947 and still remain displaced some how.

These Mohajir who are distinctly from Punjab but have been living in Sindh and some of them have settled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They continue to be out of place and heritage and are persecuted for being in foreign land. This has made matters harsh for them. Ever since the partition, they have been living difficult lives and every one seems to have turned a blind eye towards their plight.

The event was organized to bring to notice the human rights violation that these people face and how the government is ignoring them. Mohajirs or refugees also include people who have been internally displaced due to war or any other reason and once they are displaced, repatriation is difficult and they usually resist going back.

The issue of refugees is also a problem in Sindh where due to the bad governance and crime rate being exceptionally high, people flee the city. Some however, go to Sindh to settle down in squatters, as refugees.

The European Mojahir Network has brought all of these problems to the notice of UNHCR and have requested for some action to be taken against it.