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The Poetry of Allama Iqbal Is A Lesson For Us, Says J.Salik


ISLAMABAD:  Former Federal Minister and an eminent Christian leader solemnize Iqbal Day.

Iqbal Day celebrations
Iqbal Day celebrations

The Convener World Minorities Alliance and Former Federal Minister Mr. J Salik while speaking on the occasion of Iqbal Day; the birth day of Allama Iqbal celebrated on 9th of November every year said, ”Quaid e Azam told us three principals Unity, Faith and Discipline but Allama Iqbal talked about ego, self-respect and awareness. Allama Iqbal created wisdom and awareness in the community.”


He added, “The poetry of Dr. Allama Iqbal is lesson for us and if we follow him in a proper manner, the new spirit will come up to the whole nation, as the philosophy of Iqbal is the philosophy of awareness. He said that our country is operational on the four pillars of state, which is genuinely wrong because we talked about the pillars only and not about the beams on which the roof is stable. We have to consider the four beams Trade & industry, nationalism, culture & traditions and Citizens” along with the four pillars Parliament, Armed Forces, Judiciary and Media.”


Mr. Salik continued,” We have to acknowledge these four beams to bring peace, prosperity and progress; we have to lighten our lives with the ideology of Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal.” He said that my ideology of life is.


Uqabi Rooh jab bedar hoti hai jawano main

Nazar aati hain unko apni manzil aasmano main”

While talking to his people he maintained that,”The government has to work for the implementation of these principles firstly, and secondly they have to prove it in their life, he said that I am a pure example for them. Allama Iqbal told a very beautiful way of changing the destiny of nation:


Afrad ke hathon main hai, aqwam ki taqdeer

Har fard hai millat ke muqadar ka sitara”

Additionally, Professor Nazir Ahmed- Chairman international chamber for peace and conciliation (IPC) was also present at the Iqbal Day celebration function organized by Mr. J. Salik. Professor Ahmed prayed that,” The dream of architect and the brain of Pakistan should be realized as their vision.”