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The Role of Church – Peshawar Church Attack


The voice of the martyred of Peshawar church blast is not silent. All over the world Pakistani Christians have one voice for them.

Kashmala Munawar

Last day in Kasure at Ganda Singh boarder our Christian brother sisters were gather to make their voice against Peshawar Church attack on 22nd September when the believer of Lord Jesus Christ were just finished Holy Mass and two suicide bomber blast them.

At that time more than 500 people including Sunday school children were present. At the spot 110 people including women, children and young boys, girls were died and 170 people were injured, some of them were major and some were minor but they were affected.

The number of death were increased by night 127 when we were busy for quick funeral service ordered by Bishop Humphrey who were just away from Peshawar only for 3 hours drive in Bannu but reached at 7:30. And having meeting with Imran Khan at his own Drying room as well as controlled to media and officials.

In the history of Pakistan the first time Christian faced huge life damages but the Church of Pakistan and Peshawar diocese sum up quick and fast, now the policy maker of Peshawar diocese try to close this issue and think that is normal, at other side the patient of blast are losing parts of bodies and forcibly treatment in to the private hospital because the Mission hospital of Peshawar diocese have no expert para medical and medical staff as well as that hospital is too dirty.

Many girls had major operation which is alarming for the future generation, One of collage girl (Farah Irshad) still waiting for surgery now she is paralyzed due to blockage of ball barring in her back bone her brother lost his all gums and teeth. My cousin lost her eye boll. Kashmalla Munawar lost her leg.

Many children and other affected were still in private hospital in shocking conditions that are taking care of WVIP, BISHOP JOHN JOSEPH TRUST.

After the attacked the numbers of martyrs are now 130, 120 people still in the different hospitals in Peshawar and in PIMS Islamabad,

  • 12 women become widows,
  • 24 children become orphan
  • 18 children were lost both father and mother.

Peshawar Church Attack
But the church of Pakistan diocese of Peshawar think its normal and people should forget and started new life as they were in past also condemning those who are activist and shouting for justice.

Diocese thinks that some activist getting political advantage and making hurdle in the diocese plan. It’s true that Bishop Humphrey Peter control all situations by himself, Himself made dialogue with C M KPK at his office on 23rd September. 10th October he met with Prime Mister of Pakistan without delegations of victims but in press release they issued report with affected families which are not true.

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