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The story of a life saved


Over the span of past half century, numerous Muslims, Hindus and people from other religions have willingly accepted Christ as their Savior and Lord. These elate conversions have often been a result of miraculous encounters with God, Evangelism, Healing Crusades and Scripture teaching from various Missions.

Jesus Movement” or “Insider Movement” is an eminent example of Evangelistic Movements, where the new followers of Jesus, whether they be individuals or families can continue to live in their previous socio-religious community.

One such resplendent incidence is that of conversion of  a Muslim woman to Christ. God miraculously touched and called this Muslim lady, “Fatima.” She had been reading a copy of the New Testament since ten years. During those years her son was miraculously healed, when somebody prayed over him in the Name of Jesus Christ. (She knew Jesus as Hazrat Issa) She was now unquestionably being drawn towards Jesus Christ, whom she called Issa al Masih.

With the passage of time, Fatima’s desire  to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior intensified , but she had to face a no-win situation for months. Her dilemma ended when she was able to put across her fear to a wise pastor that “Jesus will not accept her because she was a Muslim.“Fatima, you can receive Jesus now, right where you are. You are saved by Jesus, not religion,” with these words of the pastor, she gladly accepted Christ along with her mother and son.

Now years later,Fatima has become a part of a prayer group, which apparently has not just changed their religion but their changed lives are a testimony to many.