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The Supreme Court Admits petition against Sherry Rehman over allegedly committing blasphemy


The Supreme Court of Pakistan accepts a petition against Sherry Rehman over possibly committing Blasphemy.

Sherry Rehman – a leader of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party is Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US  since 23rd November 2011 suceeding Hussain Haqqani. Despite of being a politician she is a political journalist and a diplomat.

The petition against Sherry Rehman was filed by a resident of Multan, Faheem Akhtar Gill. Mr. Gill petitioned the Apex Court to list a case against Sherry Rehman for allegedly committing blasphemy; claiming assertively that the nominee had committed blasphemy 2 years ago while talking to a news channel.

This petition was heard by a bench comprising Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamli and Justice Ejaz Afzal. Accordingly, the bench directed the CPO of Multan to take action within the confines of Law.

In November 2010, Sherry Rehman had set forth a bill to the National Assembly Secretariat recommending an end to death penalty for blasphemy charges. This bill was conclusively turned down by the Government, articulating that the Government of  Pakistan has no intentions to amend the blasphemy law.