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The under warped missionaries serving the down-and-out in Thar Parkar


Missionaries from the missionary society Columban Fathers are actively serving the poor and marginalized in Thar Parkar desert area of Pakistan. Father Tomas King, from the perish in Thar Parkar says there are less than one hundred Christian families in Nagar Parkar, a small town in the dessert area.

Christian missionaries serving in Sindh Pakistan

Father Tomas King who is engaged in serving in the remote area of the country explained that Thar Parkar Desert has an estimated population of 1.5 million people and may well be termed one of the most thickly populated deserts of the world. Since mid-1980’s Columban Fathers have being administrating this perish center in Nagar Parkar.

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“It is a place of beauty, especially after the monsoon rains at least,” he added. He said that the Christian population of Thar Parkar is disseminated over a large geographic area. However, there is predominantly large population of Hindus in the area, according to an estimate more than 50% of the population is Hindu.

Father Tomas King explained that shortage of power supply is also a missionary challenge facing the local church. He said that electricity shortage adds to the quandary of the locals, who continue to survive in the presence of a myriad of many other challenges.

The Columban Fathers are reaching out not only to the Christians in the area but to the Hindus as well. These foreign missionaries dress up in traditional, shalwar qameez with chappals and visit houses of locals. They check on the sick among the locals, inquire after their health provide initial medial aid to these underprivileged whom the government fails to reach. These fathers serve in solitude in the remote area without hardly getting noticed.