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The Vatican a Prime Target of ISIS Militants


A propaganda video is released on social media by an ISIS supporter. In this video a masked militant can be seen who is driving a car toward the St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, where Pope Francis celebrates Christmas mass. The jihadist is having a gun and a backpack which is suspected containing a bomb. This video is accompanied by the words “Christmas blood. So wait…” ISIS have made a threat against Prince George too.

The Vatican a Prime Target of ISIS Militants

ISIS militants see the Vatican as their prime target because this city represents Christianity. As the Christmas holidays are approaching, the security arrangements are being stepped up in the Vatican and in other important places around the world.

This propaganda report was obtained by the SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities) Intelligence Group, which monitors ISIS activity online. Analysts say ISIS is threatening to distract from its recent military collapse in Syria and Iraq. The terrorist group is offensive since it is losing its hold in the Middle East, the seat of “caliphate.” Terror experts have warned for their efforts on isolated attacks in different parts of the world.