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The Voice Kept Repeating To Me, “Jesus Is real” – A Worshipper Of Satan Bows Down To Lord Jesus Christ


Pedro with Family

Pedro was a Satanist, whose father was a businessman and divorced his mother after she had an extra-marital affair. Pedro, who was 14 years of age, at that time and his two younger sisters chose to stay with their mother.

After two months, Pedro’s mom left the children and he was now the only guardian of his sisters and an infant cousin. Pedro was left helpless with no apparent solution to his crisis, in his deperation he decided to seek help from a doctor who practiced white magic. “I felt so vulnerable,” Pedro says, “So incredibly hurt.”

“When I told him about my situation,” Pedro says, “the doctor said he could help me. He told me that he could give me power and a god who is going to care about me and make me rich. He said that I would be able to grow a lot in this religion and become so powerful that I would be invincible if I would study the materials and consecrate myself to this god.”

Previously, when Pedro was 9 years old, his mother has sought help from the same doctor who healed 9-year-old Pedro Ochoa’s agonizing back pain. This man was a “new age white magic” doctor — a Satan worshipper.The deceiving and charming promises of the white magic doctor enticed Pedro further into Satanism. He agreed to become a follower of that religion. Following this, Pedro consecrated himself and donned an amulet that connected him to his idol/god.

While practicing Satanism, “At this time in my life, I knew Christians, but I didn’t know anything about the Bible. To me, Christians just worshipped a different idol or god; I didn’t know that there was only one true God,” he said.

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The white magic doctor soon trained him, “I started training, and I began to grow in this power — I started with moving small objects with my mind — and my powers continued to grow. I started hearing this voice,” Pedro says. “And I knew it was the devil. He would tell me that my destiny was to go to hell with him — it was the reason I was born — and to fight in this huge battle against Christ/God, who is a selfish god that wanted all the glory and praise for Himself. Satan wanted me to fight to help take back what God had stolen from him.”

Consequently, Pedro mastered these magic arts, and was put in charge of a group of other teenagers who also desired to learn about these powers.He reveals, he had visions about those children, insight into their lives, which made it effortless to convince them to follow him and Satanism.

The group, led by Pedro held séances and spoke to the dead, used an Ouija board frequently, and they spent an excessive amount of time in graveyards where they carried out such practices which could not be described.
Pedro goes on to explain that the more he practiced Satanism, he realised, “I didn’t cry, I didn’t laugh … I had zero feelings,” he adds, “Also, I would later learn that these powers I thought were mine, were actually demons working through me. I had opened doors to them and they worked to not only deceive others, but me too! But at the time, I just believed that I was superior to everyone around me.”

“Nothing scared me anymore,” Pedro says. “My friends and I were totally in the darkness. But every now and then a weird person would walk by. I knew nothing about God, but these people made me scared. I didn’t want to be close to them. I wanted to run away from them—there was something shining on them it was just too shiny for me, to the point that I couldn’t even look at them!”

Pedro tells, these people, the Christians seemed wired to him because they had the fire of the living God within them and he feared them for reasons he did not understand. He was unaware that soon he would encounter Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

As a turn of events, Pedro met a new college fellow, in an English class and a teacher whom he describes were “on fire” Christians. One day, Pedro wanted to submit an assignment late, but the teacher denied him, warning him that Pedro would fail in that case. However, but if, the teacher demanded Pedro would attend his Saturday meeting held in the class every week, he would be allowed to his paper after the deadline.

“That Saturday, the moment I crossed the gate into the college, something hit my spirit—it was scary, like I was about to die,” Pedro says. “My body started shaking and I wasn’t even close to the room yet, and the closer I got, the worse I felt it was like this crazy scary thing moving inside of me, from my head to my feet it’s hard to put into words how scared I was. I was sweating and felt like I was going crazy. It wasn’t a human scared, it was all the demonic power and devils living in me who were scared to come into the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, but I didn’t know that then, all I knew was I wanted to run fast and far away from that place.”

As a result, Pedro tried to leave, but the teacher refused him, saying he would need to sit through the meeting.
“They started to talk about God, the Bible, the Son of the Living God, the ABCs of salvation, the Cross,” Pedro says. “I was listening, but fighting with stuff inside of me. But the words started to hit me. God loved me; died on the cross for me; He was not against—he wanted to rescue me!”

At the end of the meeting, they stood to sing a worship song and later the teacher began to pray for each person. When he was praying, Pedro explained, people began to fall to the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit. “I knew I was in the presence of some kind of supernatural power as people were falling to the cement floor, but not getting hurt,” he said.

Then the teacher came to me, “We were eye-to-eye when he began to pray and boom! It was like an explosion,” Pedro says. “I fell to the ground, but it felt like falling on a bed. My body began to shake like crazy. I felt this power like electricity going through my head, feet, legs, hands. I knew this was my last day on earth. I remember thinking I can’t receive this kind of power — it was too much, my body is going to explode! It was so strong, I couldn’t resist, like millions of volts in my body.”

“I began to yell loudly as I could feel the moment of my death approaching,”—whatever “it” was, it was killing me, but I didn’t die. “I suddenly realized I could breathe,” Pedro says.

“Then this voice came into my mind and kept repeating, ‘God is real! God is alive! Jesus is real! God is touching you now!’ I started to cry like a baby. I opened my eyes and in that moment I realized that the power that was in me was nothing compared to the power of God, which was now touching my soul. I realized I was on the wrong side of the line — I didn’t want to fight against God, I didn’t want to be an enemy of God.”

Pedro was still on the floor and the powers of darkness were being drained out from him and the Holy Spirit worked in him. After a while, his teacher came to him and helped him sit up, then prophesied over him that for the next three days, he wouldn’t be able to sleep as the Lord wanted to speak with him.

And it was so, for three days, Pedro did not sleep. “Those three days shaped my life,” Pedro says. “God revealed Himself to me, explaining things to me, helping me to understand His power, and how I was now coming to the light, the side of God.”

After accepting the Lord Jesus as his Saviour, Pedro moved to Miami because according to him, he could no longer hang around with his old friends, because when he was in the same room, their efforts to contact “the dead” no longer worked. After few years, he moved to Peoria, Illinois, and assisted a church in developing television programming.

Pedro is now the director of evangelism at Hilltop Campus Church, an Assemblies of God U.S. Missions Chi Alpha Campus Ministries church. Pedro, now spends excessive time mentoring young people to grow in their prayer lives and experience the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

Even though at an early age I was battle with Satan who attempted to reclaim my life, the Holy Spirit remained my constant companion. Through prayer, Pedro rejected the healing the “white magic” doctor performed on his back, which resulted in Satan’s hold on his life. “When I renounced it through prayer, my struggles with Satan were lifted,” he said.

“Christians need to understand how powerful the name of Jesus is,” Pedro says. “When Jesus is 100 percent in our lives, we are so powerful against the enemy. Nothing is comparable to the power of Jesus — remember the devil and all the darkness is limited because they are creations, not the Creator. Those who serve Satan can yell and say things, but inside they are scared, shaking, and wanting to run!”