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Theif’s Hand Chopped Off By Brutal ISIS


In a recent most gruesome act, Islamic State militants have released pictures of the hand of a man who had been convicted of being a thief, being publicly chopped off with a meat cleaver.

Before the sentence was administered, a fighter camouflaged in a black mask read out the conviction to a crowd of onlookers which included men, and some young children.

The convict was tied up and after his wrist was tied up with a bandage it was brutally chopped off with a meat cleaver. A militant then used a bandage to cover the profusely bleeding wound.

This barbaric act took place in the Iraqi town of Nineveh which is under full control of the radical Islamic Militants. A sickening string of amputations as punishment have been started in the areas that are under the control of ISIS.

Another detail released by pro-ISIS social media users is how they make the victims full of drugs so that they remain calm when the meat cleaver is used.

First it was beheading which were recorded on camera and released to the public so that the world could see what they were capable of doing but ISIS has now started amputating anyone convicted of even a petty crime. The penal code of the terrorist group calls for an eye-to-eye punishment.