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Thousands Of Iraqi Christians Form Their Own Militia To Protect Remaining Land From ISIS


Christians in Iraq have formed a militia to defend remaining Christian areas from ISIS at the same time to reclaim their land back from ISIS militants.

Christians form their own militia against ISIS
Christians form their own militia against ISIS

According to media reports, Christians in Iraq have formed their own armed militia in an attempt to reclaim their towns from ISIS militants who have captured swathes of the Iraq last year. Ever since, the advance and assault of ISIS, the Iraqi Christians, Turkmen, Yazidis and other minorities have been facing persecution at the hands of brutal militants as the terror group’s bloody rampage began across northern Iraq in 2014. In order to save their lives, thousands of Christians and Yazidis fled their homes in Mosul when ISIS militants ordered them to convert, pay a special tax or be put to death; this led more than 150,000 local Christians and Yazidis displaced across Iraq.

However, about 4,000 Christian men are joining a new Iraqi militia in the Nineveh plains with a shared aim to protect the few remaining towns and villages from falling into the hands of ISIS militants. According to international media, thousands of Christian men have joined the Nineveh Plains Protection Units, which was founded by the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM). ADM is the main political party of Assyrians in Iraq, which is robustly backed by the Iraqi Government and the Kurdish Peshmerga.

The ADM reportedly has 500 Assyrian Christian troops which are effectively protecting towns from ISIS in the Ninevah Plain, a further 500 in training and an added 3,000 waiting to be trained. The Assyrian diaspora in countries such as United States, Australia and Sweden are funding the militia. The ADM asserts the militia’s main aim is to “protect the remaining Assyrian lands from further attacks by ISIS and liberate the Assyrian homeland of the Nineveh Plains.