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Thousands protest in Slovakia, Italy, France and Bulgaria against intake of Muslim refugees


Slovakia protests

Thousands protest in western countries against the in pouring of Muslim refugees from the war torn Middle East.

In European countries like, Bulgaria, Italy, France and Slovakia; thousands of citizens turned up in protests against the intake of Muslim refugees. They termed this as Islamization of their countries.

In Bulgaria, the protestors said that it was a pity how their leaders have failed to realize the serious consequences of intake of Muslim refugees. “When Governments lie to their people…the people stop trusting them.”
The Bulgarians who had staged protests chanted, “You are not Europeans, you are barbarians.”

It has been reported that some of the Muslim refugees had started grabbing lands in Bulgaria, causing an uproar nationwide. In recent past, the Bulgarians had intensified attacks on mosques in Plovdiv city. Some Muslims managed to infiltrate into the protesting crowds. As a result, the agitated protestors pelted stones at the Muslims infiltrators.

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On the other hand, in Slovakia, the protestors chanted, “Muslims are always the enemies.” Thousands of Slovaks had gathered to protest against the Islamization of Europe. During the protest, dozens of Slovaks were hooked by the police as well.

In France, similar protests were reported, when anti-Islam activist observed a ‘Day Against (Muslim) Immigration’ These protests were held in Calais. The anti-Islam activists claim that thousands of Muslims from the Middle East and other Islamic countries have flooded Calais. They strongly urged the government to stop intake of Muslim refugees and tighten up the border security so that Muslims can not enter France illegally. They expressed anger over the fact that the Muslim invaders had been involved in criminal acts like robbing stores, squatting and pissing in the streets etc.