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Threat of ISIS’ terrorism looms larger than nuclear menace says a Pakistani church leader


Ultra terror group Islamic State poses a greater threat to the world than by atomic bombs, says Pastor Samuel Khokhar. In the wake of growing terrorism across the globe there is an inevitable need to stamp out inciters of terrorism and terror outfits including Islamic State.

ISIS a global threat

“If the menace of Islamic State is not done away with, the world will not be a safer place for our generations to come,” he said. Terrorism has enveloped Pakistan and the entire world; as a result Islam is being defamed owing to ISIS and other terror groups.

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Pastor Samuel said that all religions including Muslims and international community should join forces against ISIS. Each country should play a role in ridding the world from this peril of terrorism. “ISIS has ringed alarm bells for the entire world,” he said.

He went on to explain that the terrorist start targeting the land where they have born and been bred. They carry out suicide attack in their own homeland, not even sparing their own birthplace. This is a clear indication of moral degeneration in their minds and character. Every religion forbids such acts, he said.

“These terrorists eye for a state inside a state. Their only mission is to conquer the world,” he explained. The painstaking task of eradication of terrorism will not be efficacious until there are people who facilitate the terrorists in any way.

Pastor Samuel urged the United Nations to chalk out a solid strategy in order to wipe out the scourge of terrorism from the face of the world. He said that the it is about time, when the international community should join hands and against ISIS and other outfits which spread terror in the world and murder people.