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Threat to Attack Churches on New Year’s Eve by ISIS


In England the people are warned to remain alert especially one week before new year. The propaganda video is an almost of eight minutes clip. An Islamic States terrorist instructs his other extremist brothers around the globe to target disbelievers at clubs and destroy churches in East and West. They want to target clergymen which include Catholic Pope Francis too.

This clip begins with the scene of a tall Christmas tree and a large glass of champagne. Then the countdown for the New Year’s Eve begins but instead of the shouts of hordes for Happy New Year a man yelled Allah Akbar. Then the masked speaker who was holding a rifle gives a signal to ISIS followers that they must be ready for ‘death and destruction’ of drunken people and crowded areas on Christmas and New Year evening.

Threat to Attack Churches on New Year’s Eve by ISIS

In his message the extremist who proclaimed to be a member of ISIS, called his brothers and ask them that do not they feel pain for the other Muslim brothers who are living in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Burma and Palestine. He quoted the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) saying which means that killing a non believer is a sure way of entering into Heaven.

Moreover, he says that they (ISIS supporters and followers) can rise from any corner of the world and nothing could stop them. Then he recites verses from the Holy Quran.

This new footage was uploaded on social media on Christmas day. This video included a scene of a crashed train and a car passing through pedestrians. The footage of ISIS is believed to be shot in Somalia. It seems the extremist group wants to ‘hunt down’ night clubs, crowded markets and churches. They want to kill Christians whom they called agnostic.

Threat to Attack Churches on New Year’s Eve by ISIS

Since the scenes shown in this footage are from America and England, therefore the security is high alert in the Britain. The Foreign Office endorsed to the travelers who are going to attend these events that security will be high alert in European countries like France, Germany and England. Hence they should listen and follow the advice and rules of the local authorities.