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Three Christian ladies falsely accused in murder case


Hyderabad: July 18, 2017.Three Christian ladies were delivered by police in court who were captured on murder of their Muslim manager here today on July 17, 2016, in Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate Court No. 1 for remand.

Three Christian house maids falsely accused in murder case

These three poor Christian ladies have been acting as housemaids in home of a Muslim family in purview of Police Station B Section in various length of time from most recent two years. At the point when Muslim family was slaughtered, two Christian ladies were not working in house but rather just a single however Police captured each of the three ladies.

The Community Lawyers Advocate Mehmood Khokhar, Advocate Sooba Bhatti and Advocate Taj Muhammad Qaim Khani and different legal advisors introduced under the watchful eye of respectable judge for three Christian ladies and give free lawful help.

Police authorities got 3 days remand for more examination. On twentieth July 2017, the police men will bring three Christian ladies once more. In the murder case, Joint examination Team (JIT) has been additionally settled. Police guaranteed legal counselors that these ladies are pure and they said in three days amid examination they will free them.