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Three Indian states see a surge in Christian population


Christian population in three Indian States, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand has grown; at a rate which is faster than the total population’ growth during 2001-11. The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has shared their twenty-second note on the Religion Data of Census 2011. The three Indian States mentioned, comprise one of the major regions of Christian presence in India.

Growth of Christianity in India

Out of total Christian population in the country, 25.80 lakh are residing in these three states making 9.3% of all Christians in India. The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has revealed that there are concentrated Christian population areas, within these three states. In few districts of these states, Christians make up three distinct pockets.

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The oldest and the largest of these pockets comprise the undivided Ranchi district of Jharkhand, neighboring Sundargarh district of Odisha and Jashpur component of the earlier undivided Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh. Others heavily concentrated areas are in Gajpati and Kandhmal districts of Odisha, and parts of the earlier undivided Santhal Pargana district of Jharkhand.

Ranchi was an initial center of Christian evangelization in India. Ranchi district, which is now divided into six components, at that time had 1.25 lakh Christians in 1901, which made up 10.6 percent of the population. Moreover, separately from these densely Christian areas, there are several sub-districts where Christian population formed predominant majority. As a matter of fact, some of these sub-districts are turning into exclusively Christian areas. Plainly speaking, the Christians make almost 80% and above in at any rate in two of them and almost 60% or above in other six sub-districts.