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Three Muslim men gang rape a deaf and mute Christian woman in Kasur District


Pakistani Christians

A Christian woman sexually targeted, in a village of Kasur District.

In keeping with details, a Christian woman who is dump and mute was sexually abused by three Muslim men. The incident took place in a village called Bonga Ghanda Singh Wala, Kasur District in Punjab. The woman was targeted when she was alone in her house.

Reports have this that the three Muslim men, stormed into her house at the time when no body was at home. They gang rapped her while she kept on begging them for mercy.

Shortly after the incident an FIR was lodged and the three perpetrators were named in the FIR. One of the three, men also believed to be the chief perpetrator Muhammad Umar has already been hooked by the police. While, the other two culprits have fled from the village and are in hiding.

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The victimized Christian family approached a Christian lawyer and activist Sardar Mushtaq Gill. The untoward Christian family pleaded him for legal assistance. The close kinsman of the victim informed Sradar Mushtaq Gill that an FIR has been lodged yet two of the culprits have not been hooked by the police so far.

The vile practice of targeting, harassing and abusing women from religious minorities has become a common practice in Muslim majority Pakistan. In most of the cases involving women hailing from religious minorities, police is believed to be biased. The culprits seldom are hooked. Apart from this, oftentimes, pressure from influential authorities or persons or even from the police, forces the victims to change their statements or withdraw their complaints. Thus barring them from raising their voices against the Muslim culprits.

On the other hand, in a recent report published by the US State Department, stated regarding Pakistan, “Continuation of many restrictive governmental policies affecting religious freedom”. Furthermore, religious minorities are suffering heavily because of blasphemy laws, ban on conversion and religious expression considered illegal, in addition to the “stringent or discriminatory application of registration requirements for religious organisations.”