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Three Top Members Of ISIS Killed In US Air Strikes


Three senior members of the Islamic State IS, including an aide to its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, killed in US air strikes in Iraq.

three top members of ISIS reportedly killed in a US air strike
three top members of ISIS reportedly killed in an air strike by US

According to Iraqi Defence Ministry, Abu Hajar al-Sufi, a member of Baghdadi’s inner circle was reportedly killed in U.S. air strikes on the Islamic State stronghold of Tal Afar in Mosul in northwestern Iraq. Two other senior members of Islamic State, an explosives expert and the military leader of Tal Afar were also reportedly killed in the air strikes.

A senior Iraqi security official confirmed the news of the air strike to the media and said that it was the most significant blow to Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, since the start of the U.S. aerial offensive in August.