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Toba Tek Singh: Stinking rich brats gang rape a Christian woman at gunpoint


A Christian girl was allegedly, gang raped by upscale brats at gunpoint, in a village near Rajana- a small town of District Toba Tek Singh in Punjab province. The two culprits identified as Zeeshan and Rizwan, sexually assaulted a Christian woman, Shazia Masih (her real name is being withheld) at a time when she was alone at her house. Shazia’ husband is army personnel and is posted in Peshawar; for as much he was not present in the village, when the incident took place.

Pakistani Christian women

Shazia Masih, resident was 291-GB near Rajana, revealed that Zeeshan Arif and Rizwan broke in her house while no-one else was at home. She said that at first, they tied her hands with a rope and gang raped her at gunpoint. Shazia told the police, that she screamed for help however, they did not relent.

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After the incident, the victim approached the Rajana police station and filed the complaint against the 22-year-old Zeeshan son of Muhammad Arif and 20-year-old Rizwan son of Yaqub. She told SHO- Rai Farooq Kharal, that she is being pressurized to withdraw her complaint. SHO Rai Farooq immediate took action against the named culprits and carried out raids and hooked Zeeshan and Rizwan. All the while, the weapons used in this crime were also recovered by the police.

SHO Rai Farooq further disclosed that the victim Shazia told him that Zeeshan and Rizwan broke into her house at around 11 pm. The victim was subjected to sexual abuse till about 2 pm, he revealed. At last, two Christian men namely Zahid Maish and Ayub heard Shazia’ screams and jumped into her house, consequently, Zeeshan and Rizwan fled.

SHO- Rai Farooq stated that an impartial investigation will be carried out and the perpetrators will be awarded due punishment. He further said, that any influence to withdraw case against the perpetrators will not be regarded. On the other hand, victim has expressed dissatisfaction over the report of her initial medical examination after the incident. She has urged SHO- Rai Farooq not to spare the named perpetrators as they are being supported by Influential men of the village.