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Toba Tek Singh tragedy: Aftershave lotion sold as alcohol, investigations unfold


In the wake of rising death toll ensuing the Toba Tek Singh liquor tragedy, police reveals the culprits had sold aftershave lotion as alcohol. District Police Office (DPO) Toba Tek Singh revealed on Wednesday, December 28 that the culprits has deceitfully sold aftershave lotion as liquor, claimed lives of more than 40 people.

Toxic liquor incident in Toba Tek Singh

DPO Toba Tek Singh, Usman Akram Gondal while addressing a press conference, said that the tragedy had unfolded because the victims had consumed aftershave lotion instead of liquor. He further briefed the media about the raids being carried out in this connection. He said that police is making all out efforts in order to hook the perpetrators, revealing further that the prime suspect in this case, namely Sawan Masih is among five suspects who have already been arrested. At this occasion, the detainees were presented before the media.

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In this connection, several witnesses who are residents of Mubarakabad Basti, the affected neighborhood said that Sawan Masih, who worked as a sweeper at the Chuttiana police station, had sold the liquor to Sajjad Masih, a sanitary worker at district police lines. PML-N MNA Khalid Javed Warraich has urged for strict action against the suspects.

Bishop Joseph Arshad while remarking about the tragic incident said that he had been informed that the liquor was brought from the Chuttiana police station’s storehouse. In line with recent reports at least 42 have died while DHQ MS Mohammad Asif Saleemi told that a total of 149 people were affected. The state of emergency is still imposed in the District Headquarters Hospital, as the death toll is expected to rise as the others affected remain in critical conditions.

DPO Usman Akram Gondal said that the prime suspect Sawan Masih and Iqbal Rakka Masih, Sajjad Masih and Adeel Mani Masih took 20-liter chemical can to Mubarakabad on the Christmas day. He further revealed that the chemical was used as aftershave lotion which was later sold to the people after being mixed with other poisonous chemicals or water.

Police has detained shop owners, namely M Shahid, his brother M Qasim and their salesman M Ashfaq, for selling toxic chemical. DPO further stated that Iqbal Rakka Masih and Kamran Masih had already died due to consumption of toxic liquor while another accused Adeel Mani Masih is currently under treatment at Allied Hospital in Faisalabad.