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Tough to be a Pakistani Christian: About 81% Christians are homeless, a survey reveals


Christians in Pakistan

A recent independent survey draws dire figures for Christians in Pakistan.

This survey was conducted by a Christian association led Basharat Yaqoob. The survey rounds total population of Christians in Pakistan at 10.5 million. The survey report states: “Total Christian population in Pakistan is 10.5 Million; out of these only 4% are educated or receiving education, about 68% of Christians are jobless.

About 81% of Christians are without homes, about 39% Christians are employed as labourers, 67% Christian families are living below the line, 29% Christian females are working as maids and 65% Christian men are sanitary workers. In line with these stats, Christians are living n poor condition majority without basic facilities in Pakistan.

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Christians are far behind others due to lack of Education and basic facilities such as medical treatment, job opportunities, shelters, and access to legal provisions etc. The report finds fault in the Christian political leaders that, “They have never ventured to conduct surveys in order to provide basic facilities and to sort out solutions to Christian community as per living standard of other minorities.”

The report further points out to the reluctance of Church leaders to find solutions to empower the Christian community.They do not endeavour to find ways for betterment of Christians therefore; Christians do not find support which may thrust them towards betterment.

Christian mission schools and colleges were also criticized that they do not maintain standards and that they have high fees which are out of reach of the poor Christians. Moreover, majority of Christians as a result of being devoid of education earn bread by working as Sanitary Workers/Sweepers and such low-profile jobs.