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Town Municipal Administration Demolishes Houses Of 13 Christian Families In Samundri District


FAISALABAD: Thirteen Christian families in a village of Punjab left homeless as their houses were demolished.

Demolished houses of Christian families
Demolished houses of Christian families

According to details, the incident took place in Chak No.216 GB, Samundri in Punjab province of Pakistan. Houses of 13 Christian families were demolished by the Town Municipal Administration Samundri, this was allegedly said to be carried out under the pressure of the influential people of the village. There are about 72 Christian families in the village. The Christians allege that this happened to them because they simply refused to be bonded labourers to these influential people who were not willing to pay any penny. All of these affected Christians work in local brick kilns owned by the same influential people who allegedly pressurised the TMA Samundri. When these Christian workers refused their employers to be their bonded labourers, the local influential men asked the Samundri town administration that they wanted to build a hospital. The hospital they wanted to build had once been built about 20 years back, however that hospital is non-functional since its beginning. The old hospital building is now being used as cattle shed.

Professor Anjum James Paul- Chairman of Pakistan Minorities Teachers Association strongly condemned the act of demolishing of the houses of the poor Christians families. He continued to say that shame on such elements that destroy the peace of mind and properties of the marginalized Christian community. He went on to say that this is the responsibility of the state to provide protection and shelter to all citizens as guaranteed in the constitution of Pakistan,” Let us see when they are granted equal rights and shelter in their homeland,” he added.