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18+ Christians People Died as a Result of Drinking Poisonous Liquor in – Karachi Last Night



KARACHI: At least 18+ people including two brothers have died since Sunday morning after consuming toxic liquor in Azam Basti area of Mehmoodabad .

Several people are being treated at the Jinnah Hospital who fell sick after drinking the liquor on Saturday. Some of the victims are said to be in critical condition.

Two people died Sunday morning while the death toll has now risen to 18+.

Police claimed to have arrested two suspects involved in the sale of the toxic liquor.

Azam Basti a prominent Christian colony located in Karachi south

All the people who lost their lives are Christians between 19 to 40 years of age ,

  1. Asif Masih
  2. Sadiq Masih
  3. Salamat Masih
  4. Shazad Masih
  5. Mubashar Masih
  6. Raza Masih age 19
  7. Vicky masih
  8. Sunil masih
  9. Johnson masih
  10. Bashar Masih .

Wine shops have remained closed in Karachi since last four days of Eid (Muslim festival) different wine shops were targeted in Karachi within an hour on August 7, leading to an increase in the sales of poisonous and harmful liquor through the black market and amateur brewers.



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