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Tracking down countries were owning a Bible is equal to dicing with death


There are six countries where, owning a Bible is tantamount to risking life. This basic right of religious freedom, is not available to many Christians around the world. Access to Bible is simply not at one’s disposal for in countries like North Korea, Somalia, Maldives, Morocco, Libya and Uzbekistan.

Holy Bible prohibited

In North Korea- a country notoriously famous for persecution of Christians, the only thing that can be worshipped legally is the nation’s leader, Kim Jong-un. Moreover, there is a ban on Bibles and one who is found with a Bible is liable to face imprisonment, severe torture and even death.

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Somalia a Muslim majority country, is also included in the list of those countries where owning a Bible is practically the same as inviting death. Extremist groups like Al-Shabaab and others readily launch attacks on Christian believers. Christians are forced to practice their faith in secrecy and can not possess Bibles overtly. Christians face frequent persecution at the hands of these extremists and in some cases government officials.

Additionally, under the strict Islamic rule in Maldives; importing Bible is strictly prohibited. As a matter of fact, owing to this prohibition, there is currently no comprehensive translation of the Bible in Dhivehi- the official national language of Maldives.

In Morocco, the law does not permit one to carry a Bible translated into Arabic. Nonetheless, there are fewer reports of persecution of Christians from this part of the world, but the Christian children are not given a religious education.

Similar to Morocco, Libya has laws prohibiting anyone from bringing Bibles in the Arabic language into the country. Moreover, under the law, the distribution of Bibles and evangelism is illegitimate.

In Uzbekistan, those found possessing a Bible can face high penalty. There are reports that the Uzbek authorities detained Christians found with Bible stating that these people have been detained for “keeping and storing extremist materials with the purpose of further distribution.”