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Trafficking Of Women And Child Prostitution Goes Unchecked In Thailand


Human Trafficking in Thailand

BANGKOK: Human trafficking continues, captives surge in Thailand.

According to Fides, the notorious business of trafficking of women, the majority of them come from neighbouring countries Burma, Cambodia or Laos. These, women and children keep on swarming in the Thai brothels.

The poor victims of trafficking, mostly including minors, are kept as sex slaves in the Thai brothels. As reported several times, there is a vast and well organised network operating in this region which is actively engaged in trafficking of women and children.

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According to a statement from the head of an organization that deals with the protection of the rights of women and children, this region harbours this network. In the statement abuses in a brothel located in Suphanburi province, northwest of Bangkok are condemned.

The statement, portrays the noxious conditions under which women, usually aged between 13 and 20, are forced into prostitution for a protracted period. These victims are often times lured into prostitution with the promise of a job in Thailand. The victims are enticed with these promises that would have set them free from the bondage of poverty they suffer from in their own countries.

Last month, the police in Bangkok managed to free some young girls. Regrettably, corruption of authorities, the lack of cooperation between the Administration, inadequate legislation and the private sector play a vital role in boosting the trafficking network. Even though, prostitution is illegal, it is an open practice and still being protected by corrupt local officials.