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Tribulation of A Muslim converted To Christianity


A convert to Christianity undergoes affliction from the hands of his own family. Muhammad Kamran accepted Christ in 2009 and was baptized thereupon.

Muhammad Kamran, a 34 year-old resident of Karachi apprised that his wife’s brothers frequently visited his office to threaten him, prior to an onslaught by unknown men two years ago. “I don’t know who sent those men,” Kamran aforementioned. “It could have been my family or hers. They beat me up mercilessly, the effects of which I’m suffering even today. My pelvic area and groin were badly injured by their kicks and punches, and still today I’m suffering from pain.”
Subsequently, he still suffers the agony of an injured pelvis; which renders him totally incapable to work. In an expectation of some help, Kamran accessed a local minority’s leader. “The biggest hurdle I’m facing is his name,” said the politician, who spoke on provision of secrecy. “Being a minorities leader, I can only recommend government funds for people belonging to minority communities, but seeking money for a man with Muhammad in his name and ‘Christian’ in the religion column of an official form is a recipe for disaster, and frankly the situation in Pakistan is not such where anyone will be willing to take such a big risk.”

Kamran is confronted with serious issues of identity, he said “I want to change my name and amend the religion column in my record, but the National Database and Registration Authority has set the system in such a way that no Muslim can amend the religion column, I want to be identified as a Christian, but there’s nothing I can do about it but lament the fact that I was born a Muslim!”

Another distressing concern of this convert to Christianity is to make both ends meet, while he is barely able to work, the only breadwinner of his family is his Christian wife. Kamran’s immediate need is provision of money for medical treatment, so he may be able to earn a living on his own which may amputate his hardships.