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Trouble after trouble: Christians affected by flood told to convert to Islam in order to receive aid


Christians in Pakistan

Lahore: Christian flood victims are being told to convert in order to receive aid.

According to Wilson Chowdhry, President of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), some Christians are being offered a choice either to quite Christianity and covert to Islam and receive help or otherwise they will be left to their fate.

He further said, “We are aware that this community has previously been offered aid from Muslim charities if they convert, but they never accept conversion. These families have literally been struggling without food. Churches have opened up their doors but can’t provide them much aid because the churches themselves in the region are struggling. We’re talking about a very rural part of Pakistan.”

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The BPCA head went on to reveal that even some of the Christian victims of flood have already ended up in the iron grip of bonded labour. They have signed contracts of bonded labour while agreeing to serve as slaves to be able to receive aid from Muslim landlords.

“We have come in very late. We first went to Layyah and Gilgit, but if we could have arrived (in Kasur) seven days earlier, there could have been more lives that we potentially could have saved from this modern-day slavery,” he said.

All the same, these afflicted Christians have held on to their faith in Jesus Christ despite all the hardships and trials they are facing. “ They hold strong to their faith. They believe God will be their provider,” he said.

Reports have it that Christians in Pakistan, who have lost their all courtesy to surging waters of the flash floods last year are being forced to abandon Lord Jesus Christ and convert to Islam. They have been offered to become contemporary slaves to become eligible to receive much needed humanitarian aid.

In line with details, more than 60 Christian families residents of Kasur, are leading a life devoid of provisions such as food, water and medicine even subsequent to the flooding that has already killed about 200 people. Worsening the situation is the fact that, Christians affected by flood are being left without aid, for example temporary shelters, food and clean water which are being provided by the government and other Muslim charities only to the Muslims in the region.