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Turkey: A 1000-year-old copy of Holy Bible recovered from smugglers


1000-year-old Holy Bible

A 1000-year-old, copy of the Holy Bible recovered in Turkey.

In Tokat, a city in central Turkey; police have got hold of an ancient copy of the Holy Bible. It is believed that this is a thousand years old copy of the Holy Bible. This copy of the Holy Bible is written in the ancient Assyrian language, which was used by the earliest Christians in the region.

Daily Mail reports that the Turkish police got a hold onto this primeval antique when the smugglers tried to sell it to one of an undercover police cops masquerading as a buyer of antiques. For this purpose, the Turkish police conducted a series of raids, followed by a tip off that three smugglers were involved in smuggling ancient antiques from Turkey abroad.

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The police launched a total of four raids while hunting down the smugglers. A Turkish newspaper Hurriyat has verified the news and said that police carried out four raids in central Tokat, a city nearby Turhal District. Moreover, the newspaper claimed that the Turkish police has hooked at least ten people in this regard.

Apart from this ancient copy of the Holy Bible; police recovered some of the other priceless ancient items were also recovered from the custody of these smugglers. The items recovered include jewellery and ancient coins. After recovering the Bible, police handed it over to a local museum.

However, analysts have not been able to detect the exact origin and era of this ancient Bible. It is reported that the cover of this ancient Bible is badly damaged, while 51 pages still remain intact. These 51 pages also contain images and motifs of gold leaf related to Christianity.

This ancient Bible also contains pictures of Lord Jesus Christ and various other Biblical figures. It is being anticipated that this ancient Bible will pave way for atypical insights into the ancient Christianity.